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Disadvantages Of Plastics
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1. When recycling waste plastics, classification is difficult and economically uneconomical. 2. Plastic is easy to burn and produces poisonous gas when burned.

For example, when the polystyrene burns to produce toluene, this substance can cause blindness, inhalation of vomiting and other symptoms, PVC burning will also produce hydrogen chloride toxic gas, in addition to burning, is the high temperature environment, will cause the plastic decomposition of toxic ingredients, such as benzene.

3. Plastics are made from petroleum refining products, and petroleum resources are limited.

4. Plastics are buried under the ground for hundreds of, thousands of or even tens of thousands of years and will not rot.

5. The heat resistance of plastic is poor and easy to be aged. 6. Due to the natural degradation of plastics, it has become the first enemy of mankind, and has led to the tragic death of many animals. For example, the zoo monkeys, pelicans, dolphins and other animals, will mistakenly swallow the tourists lost 1th plastic bottles, and finally because of non-digestion and painful death, looking to the beautiful pure sea, approached to see, in fact, filled with a variety of plastic waste can not be accommodated in the sea, in the intestines of many dead seabirds samples,

A variety of plastic that cannot be digested has been found.