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Safe Use Of Plastic Cups
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The plastic water cup has many advantages, such as changeable shape, bright color, low price, easy to break, and so on, which is loved by a lot of people, especially children, teenagers and out-of-work personnel, such as agricultural machinery hands, builders and construction workers. Can experts remind: long-term use of plastic cups drinking water is not safe, do not promote the use of plastic water cups. The reasons are as follows: first, plastic is a polymer chemical material, often containing poly-vinyl chloride or PVC, such as toxic chemical substances. Drinking water with plastic cups is inevitably used to install hot water or boiling water. When the use of plastic cups hot water, especially bottled water, plastic toxic chemicals are easy to analyze into the water, long-term drinking such water, will inevitably cause harm to the human body. Second, the plastic cups are susceptible to bacteria and are not easy to clean. This is because the seemingly smooth surface of the plastic is not smooth, the internal microstructure has a lot of small pores of these small voids easy to filth, and can not be washed away with conventional methods. Third, the plastic cups sold on the market are mostly made of polycarbonate, and bisphenol A is one of the main raw materials for the production of polycarbonate plastics. Bisphenol A is an internationally recognized substance that raises the risk of cancer and is associated with breast cancer, prostate cancer, and sexual precocity. It is harmful to human body like smoking, after ingestion of human body, it is difficult to decompose, there is accumulation effect, but also genetic to the next generation. Experiments at the Harvard School of Public Health show that drinking plastic bottled drinks and eating food stored in plastic containers is a major source of bisphenol-a intake in the body.